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Tamanend Winery

Specializing in classically-styled premium wines, from dry to sweet. We also offer our award-winning Margarita Wine and our popular selection of delicious seasonal wines.

Tamanend Winery
Primary Location
759 Flory Mill Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Tamanend Winery's Tasting Room in Strasburg
11 E. Main St.
Strasburg, PA 17579

Tamanend Winery's Tasting Room at Rockvale
Coming Soon!
35 S. Willowdale Dr.
Suite 505
Lancaster, PA 17602

Our Story

Tamanend Winery is owned and operated by Linda Jones McKee and Richard Carey. The winery is named in honor of the Chief of the Delaware Tribe of Indians. Chief Tamanend signed a treaty with William Penn for land that became Penn's Woods or Pennsylvania. Linda and Richard have a fascinating history to tell you about the winery. Enjoy our year-round offerings as well as our special seasonal treats!  Also, learn more about the artwork we have selected to enhance the labels of our bottled wines at her website: www.sukshuglie.com.

We have a tasting room in Lancaster City in the Hager Arcade across from Central Market and on Main Street in Strasburg, as well as at our winery.  Join our fun and informative staff at any of our locations! We offer group tasstings, tours and more! 


New Releases!

Sparkling Mead is a brand new product for us and we're excited to share it with our customers! We ferment a special blend of honey to make our sparkling mead. For HoneyHop, we add a proprietary mixture of hops to make a gluten-free dry mead that resembles an IPA beer in flavor. Our HoneyCot also begins with our Sparkling Mead. Then we add apricot resulting in a refreshing slightly fruity, slightly sweet beverage. Enjoy both of these chilled! 


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