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Roadside America

The World's Greatest Miniature Village

Roadside America
109 Roadside Drive
Shartlesville, PA 19554
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Welcome to Roadside America!

ROADSIDE AMERICA is an unforgettable panorama of life in rural United States.  The exhibit spans more than two hundred years in time and lets you see, in exquisite miniature, how people lived and worked in pioneer days … through the years since then … right up to the present.

In newspapers and magazines, ROADSIDE AMERICA has been acclaimed as the greatest known miniature village—the most unique and detailed masterpiece of its kind in the world.  Comprised of not one, but many villages, the display depicts the countryside as it might be seen by a giant so huge that he could see from coast to coast.

Roadside America

Laurence Gieringer founded Roadside America. The story goes that young Gieringer's love of miniature models began around 1899, when he was five years old.  From his bedroom window, the young Gieringer could see the lights of the Highland Hotel at the crest of nearby Neversink Mountain.  From his distant vantage point the building looked like a toy he could snatch from the mountain and add to his toy collection.  One day he set out to get that seemingly miniature building, not realizing how far away it really was.  Soon he was hopelessly lost in the woods and was not found until the next morning.

Fortunately that experience did not dampen his love for miniatures. In his adult life Mr. Gieringer became a carpenter and painter.  Over his sixty-year career Gieringer amassed quite a collection of tiny, detailed buildings and accessories that became one of the worlds most famous and amazing miniature villages.  Mr. Gieringer today is one of the world's most respected builders of miniature models.

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