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Melanin Essentials

Melanin Essentials

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Melanin Essentials
Based in Lancaster, PA
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Melanin Essentials

Melanin Essentials is a social enterprise that seeks to provide chemical-free, environmentally-friendly, personal care products for women of color. We hope to bridge the gap that exists for African American who have little-to-no access to products that properly nourish our hair, skin, and body. 

Melanin Essentials also seeks to combat the socioeconomic inequality facing single-parent homes, through our unique hiring process. By providing thriving wage jobs to single moms, our employees can then afford our products; as well as live a healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly life.

Melanin Essentials also seeks to combat the environmental and bodily hazards of plastic waste and chemical ingredients. Our products are all made from certified organic, fair-trade, all-natural, chemical-free, raw and unrefined ingredients. Our products are then stored in BPA-free, food-grade silicone, biodegradable, 100% recyclable packaging.

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