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Tempstar Staffing

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TempStar Staffing
1910 Fruitville Pike #7
Lancaster, PA 17603
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Employee Screening


At TempStar Staffing we test our applicants on many levels so they meet the requirements of our clients.

Where do we find our candidates?

Tempstar Staffing provides comprehensive recruiting solutions. We offer a referral program to our current employees, recruit through several internet web sites, attend and host various job fairs throughout the year, place centralized newspaper ads and maintain a database of over 50,000 employees. Our employee database enables our recruiter professionals to search candidates based on various criteria. Detailed lists of skill sets are outlined within the database to narrow our search to a candidate that will best match your specific needs.

How do we Screen our candidates?

Our experienced recruitment professionals review and screen all applications and resumes. We will never present a candidate to you that we have not met face to face, or who has not been through a stringent employment testing protocol. We conduct personal interviews and administer a variety of employee testing procedures, based on the requirements of each job. We also explain all relevant job qualifications, based on information in our extensive employment database, and review relevant job details with applicants, all to ensure a complete understanding of the job requirements. We may also arrange a second interview to verify and conduct a more detailed review. Upon your request a personal interview can be arranged at your location. For each employee, we maintain an ongoing proven work history as a verified reference tool. Per our clients’ hiring criteria, we provide personal and professional background checks, physicals and pre-employment drug screening.

Employee testing can be helpful in verifying a candidate’s skills for certain positions. TempStar Staffing uses a comprehensive employee testing program through our Web-based testing package, that allows us to conduct skills testing and other pre-employment screening procedures and assessments. Our “Prove It!” program has a full range of quality assessments, including tests for clerical and industrial staffing; software programs; and healthcare, financial and technical job classifications. TempStar Staffing can customize employment screening tests to match your company’s specific requirements. Test results are reported instantly, expediting our capability to recognize highly qualified candidates quickly and easily. TempStar Staffing is constantly enhancing our ability to acquire and retain qualified candidates.

Retention of associates is a major priority of TempStar Staffing. It allows us to continue to have quality individuals available for assignment. We are able to retain our employees by treating them with the utmost respect and dignity while they’re on assignment for us. In addition, we offer a variety of benefits: Medical, 401k, vacations, holidays, and bonuses. The fact that direct referrals are one of our top recruiting methods speaks for itself, our employees are some of our best recruiters.