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Wolf Sanctuary of PA

Come learn and be aware of our wilderness!

Wolf Sancuary of PA
465 Speedwell Forge Road
Lititz, PA 17543
Today's Hours: Go to www.wolfsanctuarypa.org

Welcome to The Wolf Sanctuary of PA

In the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country, quietly secured on 20 plus acres of natural woodland, you will find the home of the Speedwell Wolves. For over 30 years the Darlington Family has offered a forever home to displaced gray wolves and wolf-dogs in need of refuge. 

Originally created as a private rescue, Wolf Sanctuary of PA continues to provide quality care and enrichment for all of the rescues that come into our care. Many of our rescues come from household settings, while others come from other animal care facilities that are unable to care for them. Here at Wolf Sanctuary of PA wolves and wolf-dogs are given back their dignity. We are devoted to assuring the most comfortable and stimulating environments for our wolves and wolf-dogs and to providing exceptional nutritional and veterinary care throughout their lives. 

The Wolves of Speedwell hold a unique position as ambassadors to the wild. It has been said that “the best wolf habitat resides in the human heart.” Though gray wolves once thrived throughout the country, they were nearly completely eliminated from the continental US by the early 1900's, and it has been over a hundred years since the last wild gray wolf was known to exist in Pennsylvania. Through guided tours, we seek to dispel the common myths surrounding the gray wolf and to educate the public about the importance of gray wolf conservation.

The Sanctuary currently provides food, shelter and veterinary care for over forty Wolves with no government or corporate assistance. Only, by your continued support and interest do the wolves thrive.



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