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Lancaster Brewing Co.

Brewing Since 1995

Lancaster Brewing Co.
302 N. Plum Street
Lancaster, PA 17602
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Lancaster Brewing Company Harrisburg
469 Eisenhower Blvd.
Harrisburg, PA 17111
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Lancaster Brewing Company Taproom & Grill
2323 Lincoln Hwy E
Lancaster, PA 17602
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Lancaster Brewing

Located in the historic Edward McGovern Tobacco Warehouse on the corner of Walnut and Plum streets, sits the home of Lancaster Brewing Company. The large, red brick building stands out not only as a beacon of high quality beer for today, but, more importantly, as a reminder of the brewing tradition Lancaster was once so highly regarded.

Blessed with fresh country air, pure water and arguably the richest, non-irrigated farmland in the world, Lancaster is still a place where a hand-shake means something, and where genuine craftsmanship artisan quality and stubborn self-reliance remain part of everyday life.

At Lancaster Brewing, we unite our obsessive commitment to quality ingredients with equal measures of creativity, skill and experience, to brew consistently great beer. Inspired by long and rich brewing traditions, we are proud to brew in the heart of Lancaster County, alongside scores of old-world craftsmen, independent farmers, working the more than 5,300 local farms, and our fiercely independent Amish neighbors.

Our obsession for brewing great beer is matched by our passion for great, natural food, so we source our produce and meats from local Lancaster County farmers and prepare virtually everything on our menus from scratch. We smoke our pork, grind our sausage, make our mozzarella and hand-cut our fries.

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Brewing Since 1995