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Intercourse Bike Works and Bike Tours

Lancaster Counties' premier Bicycle destination, NOW WITH 2 LOCATIONS, providing expertise in a friendly environment that's not intimidating.

Intercourse Bike Works and Bike Tours
3614 Old Philadelphia Pike
PO Box 145
Intercourse, PA 17529
2 Locations >
Lititz Bike Works
201 Rock Lititz Boulevard, suite 11
Lititz, PA 17453
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Our Story

Mark and Rebecca Branle


It's all about love, I guess you could say.

Mark's love of bikes. Rebecca's love of her home. Their love of each other.

When they met they were both busy advertising executives, Mark in sales, Rebecca in creative, but it was bikes that brought them together. Mutual friends of a bike shop in Bucks Country introduced the two, and they hit it off. Soon Mark, a successful master's bike racer, had convinced Rebecca to hang up her running shoes to join him on long rides. A mutual passion was born.

As time passed and their family grew, the pair became frustrated with long business trips and the corporate world. They wanted to open a bike shop, but they knew that in today's internet-driven world bike shops struggle without that extra something special. What would set them apart?

Then they had their light bulb moment. Or Rebecca did. She wants all the credit for this one!

Sitting at a traffic light in tourist-heavy Intercourse, Rebecca found herself wondering if these visitors would ever experience the true beauty of the Lancaster countryside - the beauty that lies beyond the shops and busy streets, the real peace and culture of the community. An area native, she only really discovered it when she got on her bike. And that’s when it hit her. She and Mark could set themselves apart by not only selling the world’s best bikes, but by giving some killer guided tours. Because the two had been exploring their favorite local roads and small Amish businesses for years, it was easy, and so much fun, to create routes they knew their customers would love.

Intercourse Bike Works was born.

Rob Warrenfeltz

Rob's shredding it up at a cx race on his Focus.

Like Mark, this guy was born to ride.

Rob was anything but your average kid, and we're not just talking about his sparkling personality. Rob was a junior BMX national champion. He traveled the country for competitions and while his wins kept getting bigger and more impressive, Rob's feet stayed planted firmly on the ground. That's what Rebecca and Mark love about him. He's modest. He's kind. And he's damn good on a bike.

What you might not know about Rob is that he's a trained architect. He's also true to himself. That's why he left the suit-and-tie world behind to come back to what he loves, to what makes him truly happy, bikes. That's probably why everyone who meets him likes him. Because he's happy. Rob Warrenfeltz is standing in a bike shop because there's no place in the world he'd rather be.

Okay, that might be a lie. On the perfect day he might rather be shredding local mountain bike trails (ever see a former BMXer on the mountain? Crazy impressive) or racing cx and road. 2015 was his first serious year on the race circuit and already he's logging some impressive finishes.

Rob is a FOCUS expert. He'll tell you everything you need to know about our favorite European bikes. He's also a Lancaster native who's been wrenching bikes here for a decade. He can diagnose a problem and have your bike shifting and spinning like its brand new, and he's great about communicating exactly what he's doing as he goes along. Communication is his strength.

Speaking of, he's a great person to ask about the local riding and dining scene. Rebecca and Mark aren't too proud to admit that Rob's a whole lot cooler than they are.

Our Awesome kiddos

Without them, Intercourse Bike Works wouldn't exist.

It's true that Mark and Rebecca weren't madly in love with their advertising careers. It's also true that some times love is the only thing strong enough to spark change. It was the love of the boys, and the knowledge that a new baby was on the way, that gave Mark and Rebecca the courage to take the leap and open Intercourse Bike Works.

They wanted to show their kids how important it is to follow your dreams.

They wanted to show them that hard work pays off.

They never wanted to miss another goodnight story because of an overnight business trip.

So these three little rascals started it all. If you're a regular to the shop, you're likely to have met them all. You're likely to know that Brady, the oldest, is 8 going on 80, very wise and reserved, and also very fast on his bike! You'll also know that Caleb is a madman with blue eyes that make his mother melt, and that sweet baby Anna is fiercely independent and not afraid to let her brothers know who the real boss is. Oh, and she's definitely the boss of Mark!