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We Are Crazy About Growing Awesome Looking Green Grass

229 Snake Hill Road
Bird In Hand, PA 17505
Fax: 717.283.4527

Wisegrass Cares About Your Lawn

You are not the Do it Yourself’er who spends every weekend pushing a spreader across the lawn and pulling weeds in the chilly dew like Mr and Mrs Freak across the street. I mean, you could. You just choose not to.

Wisegrass Give Results!








The other companies do the easy stuff so they can make more money.  We include the heavy lifting, like lime and aeration, so the easy stuff actually works.  You have to balance your soil’s pH and properly aerate so the roots actually take up the fertilizers that are put down.  Don’t spend even a nickel on fertilizer that sits on top of your soil then floats to the Chesapeake Bay at the first thunderstorm.  We all know, you can’t expect to just change your diet and become an athlete.  You have to work out too, that’s the hard part.

The Unlimited Service Plan cuts to the core of who we areIt’s our most popular package and is backed up by Paul’s generous GuaranteeNo one else in Lancaster is doing this.  Our lawn care service area includes all of northern Lancaster County, Lititz, Manheim, and south to Quarryville. Drive by the nearest Showcase Lawn and see for yourself how the Unlimited Service Plan really works.  Get in touch with us when you are ready to get the ball rolling.

It’s your life.  Sleep in on the weekend!

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