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Assets Lancaster Social Enterprise


ASSETS creates economic opportunity and cultivates entrepreneurial leadership to alleviate poverty and build vibrant, sustainable communities.

100 South Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
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Who We Are

ASSETS is a non-profit organization focused on transforming communities through business. We are a diverse team of experts with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, social change, and economic development. 

We provide training, 1-on-1 coaching, and financing to entrepreneurs and leaders looking to start or grow their business and improve their community. We also facilitate public competitions, such as The Great Social Enterprise Pitch and the Youth Social Innovation Challenge. Finally, through our Measure What Matters Program, we seek to help existing businesses measure and improve upon their social and environmental performance. 

Our Programs




Women's Business Center

Business Start-Up Learning Circles, Women's Leadership Circles, Women's Business Accelerator, Business Consulting, and Seminars


Business Start-Up Learning Circles

Learn how to turn your business idea into a reality through our 10-week training program


Business Consulting 

Our business coaches provide 1-on-1 consulting an mentoring for entrepreneurs facing challenges as they seek to launch and grow their businesses



Regular seminar topics include: Social Media Marketing, Export Assistance, Government Contracting, Legal Issues for Business, and Find Your Funding


Lending Circles

Small loans of $600-$5,000 for your business. Focus on improving your credit, improving management practices, and setting yourself to access larger loans for future business growth. 





ASSETS has created Learning Circles to provide business development courses for entrepreneurs in the Lancaster area. This unique program, compiled of 2 separate stages, offers an interactive and conversational way for a group of aspiring entrepreneurs to learn and work through the early stages of the business planning process, while creating the types of positive relationships and networking which is essential for entrepreneurs. Upon completion, participants will leave with an externally-critiqued business plan, an outline for community impact, and an understanding of what their next steps should be.

ASSETS has a unique lending program for micro-entrepreneurs that provides access to capital and business technical assistance services while establishing or improving credit history. Our Lending Circles are made up of entrepreneurs who need financial services and are willing to work together to make that happen. These circles serve as the gateway to several benefits: access to a lump sum of money, a way to establish or improve your credit score, peer group support, monthly business workshops and individual technical assistance, and access to larger loans from ASSETS or other financial institutions. Together with like-minded business owners, you decide what topics will be covered in group workshops. With your lender, you will develop a credit-building action plan and turn knowledge into action, learning how to make real improvements in your credit rating.

At ASSETS, we are aware that lack of economic opportunity is a primary cause of many social issues. With this in mind, we believe that market-based solutions with a clear focus on specific societal problems work from the inside-out to positively impact these issues. Additionally, while charity dollars are always limited, consumer dollars have created infinite possibilities for growth and scale. This is not to say that the charity-model is unnecessary, at ASSETS Lancaster, we use donor dollars to subsidize a majority of our educational and lending programs because they would otherwise be too expensive for our target market to access. However, we do strongly believe in creating space for Social Enterprise as a “3rd way” to operate, outside of traditional for-profit/non-profit structures. Our involvement in social enterprise is meant to catalyze excitement and innovation around business ideas which help address some of the stark social and economic problems present in our community.

The Women’s Business Center at ASSETS is developed in partnership with the Small Business Administration. The WBC assists small business owners who are starting or expanding their small business. While extra consideration is given to specific challenges and issues for women entrepreneurs, our programs serve all – women, men, and racial and ethnic minorities.
The expert coaches and trainers at the Women’s Business Center provide valuable resources to help ensure business success. Programs and services are available in Spanish. Visit our website to learn more about the Women's Business Center and its program offerings.


Impact Business

Great Social Enterprise Pitch

A friendly Idea Incubator and business planning competition for social enterprises, culminating in a public pitch event with over $50k in cash and pro-bono prizes for the winners. 

Impact Business Fund

Creative financing for social enterprises seeking to provide thriving wage jobs for people currently living in poverty.

Measure What Matters

Existing businesses learn to measure and improve their social and environmental performance through this innovative program, in partnership with B Lab and the B Corporation movement. 

Impact Business Seminars

Learn how to transform your community through business at our Impact Business seminars


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