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Plain & Fancy Restaurant

Farm to Table Since 1959

plain & fancy farm restaurant
3121 Old Philadelphia Pike
(Route 340)
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505
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Man V. Food

Adam Richman Feasts at Plain & Fancy

Man V. Food Nation Features Lancaster County Cuisine as Adam Richman Feasts at Plain & Fancy

Lancaster County’s culinary culture took center stage as famed Adam Richman of the Travel Channel’s Man V. Food Nation featured Plain & Fancy Farm Restaurant in its Holiday Feast episode aired on November 16. Travel Channel will continue to air this holiday feast episode throughout the year, and especially around the holidays.

Plain & Fancy Farm, home to Lancaster County’s original Amish Farm Feast, was one of four restaurants featured as Adam traveled across the country in search of signature meals included in various holiday feasts. The hour-long show also included a pilgrim’s feast in New England and a North Carolina pig roast.

The segment, which was recorded in October, includes an Amish buggy ride, a tour of the gardens and Adam in the kitchen cooking a few customer favorites like chicken pot pie, top sirloin and fried chicken. Unlike traditional Man V. Food Nation episodes, the focus of this segment is less of a food-eating challenge and more of a cultural experience.

“We spent a lot of time talking about the farm to table concept, a well-known practice at Plain & Fancy, but one of Adam’s favorites was definitely the fried chicken,” recalls Bill Moshos, Plain & Fancy Director of Marketing. “Having the opportunity to highlight a few Lancaster County food favorites to a national audience is fantastic.” The Man V. Food Nation holiday feast episode first aired on Wednesday, November 16.